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Inspection of Potentially Illegal Childcare Services

A recognized childcare service provider assures parents that the childcare establishment is subject to respecting several standards with regard to the children's health, safety and wellbeing. Childcare centers and day care centers holding permits are recognized childcare services and are subject to regular, ad hoc inspections. See Compliance of Recognized Childcare Establishments.

Every year, the coordinating office must make three unannounced visits to the residence at which the childcare services are dispensed, to make sure it is in compliance with the Educational Childcare Act and the related regulations. Among other things, the coordinating office must ensure compliance with standards relating to the children’s health, safety and well-being. If it identifies one or more contraventions, it must notify the HCP of the situation in writing and order it to take remedial action as quickly as possible. The coordinating office is responsible for following up on all notifications sent.

In some situations, an inspector from the Ministère de la Famille may visit the HCP to carry out an inspection, among other things to ensure compliance with some of the requirements associated with subsidized spaces. The Ministère may also carry out inquiries on the HCP if it feels the situation would justify this.

Policy on inspection of potentially illegal childcare services

The Ministère de la Famille has adopted a Policy on inspection of potentially illegal childcare services (In French).

This policy aims to support the interventions of the Ministère de la Famille to achieve the highest level of quality in the fight against illegal childcare. The inspection policy covers the actions and powers of the inspectors, the inspection process and the application of sanctions. It also specifies the roles and responsibilities of the different players concerned by the inspection process.

The Ministère can also use investigation techniques to intervene with potentially illegal childcare services.

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May 9, 2019