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Educational Quality

It is widely recognized that attending a quality educational childcare establishment fosters the development of young children. The educational quality of these establishments is related to the interaction of teaching personnel with the children and their parents, the activities that are offered, the organization of the facility or residence and the educational material used.

To support the educational quality of childcare services, the Ministère establishes a direction and produces tools and guides, the main principles of which are established in accordance with the other living environments with which young children are associated.

Recognized educational childcare providers (child care centres, daycare centres and recognized home childcare providers) are subject to obligations with respect to the educational quality of their services. They must have an educational program in place and are subject to an assessment of the quality of the services they provide in addition to the inspections carried out to ensure compliance with the Educational Childcare Act and its Regulations. Assessments of the quality of childcare services will be carried out gradually.

The Ministère’s website contains a wealth of information concerning the key elements that are essential for ensuring quality childcare services.

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Last modified date :
August 8, 2023