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Access to information

The Ministère de la Famille is a public body subject to the application of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information. This Act sets out two major principles, intended to:

  • Allow any person who requests it, access to documents held by public bodies, subject to certain restrictions.
  • Ensure maximum protection of personal information held by the public administration.

How do you make a request for access to the Ministère de la Famille?

  1. Before making a request for access, check whether the document or the information is already published on the Department's website (see the section below).
  2. If this is not the case, send your request to the Department's person in charge of access to information.

Information already published on the Web page

The Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information obliges public bodies to distribute a wide range of documents on their websites.

  1. Documents transmitted (In French) in the context of a request for access to information
  2. A public body must distribute on its website the documents transmitted in the context of a request for access.
    • Information regarding expenses (In French):
      • Expenses of the public body and expenses related to persons
      • Total travel expenses
      • Travel expenses of the Department's staff and the Minister's office staff
      • Travel expenses of a Minister or a holder of a senior staff position
      • Costs of use of executive vehicles
      • Leasing costs
      • Hospitality expenses
      • Expenses for attendance at training activities, a conference or a convention
      • Training contracts
      • Publicity and promotion contracts
      • Mobile telecommunication contracts
      • Subsidies granted under a Minster's discretionary budget
      • Costs of leases or rental agreements
    • Indemnities, allowances and annual salaries (In French)
    • Contracts of $25,000 or more (In French)
  3. Other documents and information concerning the organization

3.1 Organization

The organization (available in French only) chart gives the details of the administrative structure. It concerns the persons and the management units that make the decisions regarding management of the programs and services offered.

The classification plan (In French) serves to manage and identify the documents held by the Department.

3.2 Personal information

The inventory of personal information files (In French) allows every individual to know whether the Department is likely to hold personal information concerning him or her.

The register of communications of personal information  (In French) presents a picture of the circulation of the personal information held by the Department. This register contains the communications and uses of personal information made without the consent of the person concerned and the collections of personal information on behalf of another public body.

3.3 Public registers

The Ministère de la Famille holds a public register (In French) by law for which it is responsible.

3.4 Services offered, programs and forms

The description of the services and programs and the forms attached to them make it possible to know the services offered by the Department and the procedure for obtaining access to them.

3.5 Directives, operational policies and other documents

The statutes, regulations, codes of ethics, directives, operational policies and other documents (In French) of a similar nature govern the decisions made by the Department regarding persons and bodies receiving its services.

3.6 Documents tabled in the National Assembly

The Department's financial commitments are subject to a government audit and are transmitted monthly to the Comptroller of Finance, who then forwards them to the National Assembly.

The Department also tables documents of a more administrative nature in the National Assembly. For example, these may be documents tabled for the purposes of a public session, the annual report or strategic planning.

3.7 Documents published in the Gazette officielle du Québec

Section 8 of the Regulations Act (RSQ, c. R-18-1) requires that every proposed regulation shall be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec. By this publication, it acquires a public character and must be distributed on the website of the Department responsible for its application. Bills are distributed on the National Assembly website when they are tabled at a public session. More information on this subject is available here.

3.8 Mission reports

The ministère de la Famille releases mission reports (In French).

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