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Legal, illegal, recognized. How do you navigate the maze?

Different types of childcare services exist in Québec. Some are recognized by the Ministère de la Famille, others are not, and still others are illegal and contravene the Educational Childcare Act.

The childcare services recognized by the ministère de la Famille all share the commitment of the Gouvernement du Québec to offer a living environment where children can flourish healthily and safely. Because they are governed by the Educational Childcare Act and the Educational Childcare Regulation, educational childcare services must meet strict quality standards. They thus offer several advantages to parents and the children who attend them.

To support parents who are looking for a childcare establishment and those whose children already attend one, the Ministère de la Famille has created a complete section on educational childcare services recognized by the Ministère de la Famille, unrecognized childcare services and illegal childcare services in Québec.

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Last modified date :
October 27, 2021