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Have I been targeted by acts of bullying?

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Rumours, threats, and isolation, in person or in cyberspace, are just a few examples of the different forms that bullying may take. Bullying does not necessarily include criminal acts, but it can deeply wound the targeted people.

No one needs to accept feeling humiliated, hurt, oppressed, or aggrieved. Whatever the situation, it is important to act, despite fear or concerns, and to ensure one’s safety and that of others.

There are solutions. You have rights and remedies. There are various resources to help you regain control over the situation, to report the situation, and to put an end to bullying.


General resources:


For youth:



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Homophobic Bullying

For lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people or those affected by homophobia: additional resources are available:

Useful links:


Elder Abuse

Older people may be abused in any living environment. Unfortunately, the abuse is often shrouded in silence or not really recognized or reported. It may take many forms: physical, psychological, sexual, material or financial, organizational, violation of human rights, etc.

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Do you believe that you or a senior you know are in a situation of abuse? Wait no longer. Call “Aide Abus Aînés” now. This is a free telephone help and referral line that is anonymous, confidential, and available everywhere in the province of Québec from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hotline “Aide Abus Aînés”: 1-888-489-ABUS (2287)


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June 28, 2021