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Ensemble contre l'intimidation Award

The Prix Ensemble contre l'intimidation (Together Against Bullying Award), presented by the Premier of Québec, honours a person, an organization and a school or a school board that have stood out for their actions in their community. Presented for the first time in 2015, this award is given annually to three winners.

By presenting this award, the Government pays tribute to the persons, organization and schools and school board that, through their actions and involvement, contribute to preventing and fighting against bullying. The actions must have a significant scope and serve as an example for others.

The objective is to generate mobilization to encourage such action, big or small, so that more and more Quebecers, youngs and seniors, contribute to creating and maintaining healthy and safe environments, free from bullying.

In this context, the actions rewarded seek to empower individuals and communities, both to prevent bullying and to counter it.

More concretely, these actions must be articulated around:

  • respect for differences;
  • promotion of good citizenship and prosocial behaviours everywhere, including cyberspace.
  • sharing a safe and inclusive public space;
  • support for victims and their close relations;
  • encouraging witnesses to take action to put a stop to bullying;
  • getting persons who commits acts of bullying to own and take responsibility for their actions.

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Last modified date :
April 17, 2018