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A Well-informed Parent for a Well-made Choice

The quality of family life is a priority for the government of Quebec, and the offer for educational childcare services is one of the measures that have been implemented to support Quebec families in accordance with their varying realities and their respective needs.

There are more than 305,000 spaces in recognized childcare establishments in Quebec, including more than 235,000 subsidized spaces in educational childcare establishments across all regions of the province. There are also close to 1,200 non-subsidized day care centres offering approximately 70,000 spaces that are eligible for the tax credit for childcare expenses.

Do you want to be sure that you find a childcare provider that meets your specific needs? What is the best way to choose the childcare services that is best suited to your child? Before making a decision, it is important to determine your needs and those of your child. Your educational values may also influence your choices. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your preferences?
  • For example, would you prefer a family setting or a group setting?

It is also important to meet with the personnel at the childcare facility that you are considering, or with the individual who is offering the services that you are seeking, whether recognized or not, and to visit the premises. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions and ensure that the service provider is right for you and respects your values.

The Single Window Access to Childcare Services is your access point for registering your child with a recognized childcare provider. It presents the services offered and the spaces available at all recognized childcare providers.

Childcare services are also offered in non-recognized home facilities. Places are not subsidized. However, parents may obtain the refundable tax credit for childcare expenses, to compensate for the fees they pay.

Given the range of choices available, it is important to be fully informed so that you are able to select the childcare service that best meets your needs.

The Ministère’s website contains valuable information for parents. You will make some exciting discoveries!

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Last modified date :
August 8, 2023