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The Child’s Education Record

An education record is created for each child for the following three reasons:

  • to communicate with parents about their child’s development;
  • to support the early detection of any difficulties, in keeping with the early intervention (Agir tôt) approach;
  • to make transitions easier, including the transition to the school system.

The amended Educational Childcare Regulation in fact stipulates that:

  • the education record must include, among other things, periodic portraits of the child’s development in the four areas of development: physical and motor, cognitive, language, social and emotional;
  • each year, a periodic portrait must be prepared in November and May, and be sent to the parent(s) by no later than December 15 and June 15;
  • childcare providers must also make themselves available to parents who request a meeting about the portrait.

A transitional measure has been put in place to give childcare providers the time they need to make these changes: the first periodic portrait must be completed in May 2020.

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Last modified date :
September 6, 2019