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Criminal background check

The purpose of the criminal background check, or verification that no impediment exists, is to guarantee the children's safety.

What is an impediment?

This is a behaviour that could reasonably pose a threat to a child's physical or emotional safety, whether due to:

  • a charge;
  • or a conviction of an indictable or criminal offence related to the conduct required in childcare services.

Who is covered by this verification?

All persons of adult age who work or who are called to work in childcare, whether they are paid or not, i.e.

Childcare centre (CPE)

  • Applicants for and holders of childcare centre (CPE) or daycare centre permits
  • Directors
  • Shareholders of childcare companies
  • Permanent or casual employees
  • Trainees
  • Persons who regularly transport children on behalf of the chlidcare service
  • Volunteers who are present at the childcare service regularly

Home childcare

  • The home childcare provider (HCP)
  • Each person of full age residing in the residence where the childcare is provided
  • The person who assists the HCP
  • The occasional replacement of the HCP
  • A trainee or volunteer who is present on a regular basis in the residence where home childcare is provided.

Home Childcare Coordinating Office

  • The management staff
  • The persons responsible for recognition of HCPs
  • The persons who ensure oversight
  • The persons who ensure pedagogical and technical support for the HCPs

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March 27, 2017