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Recognized Childcare Providers

There are several types of recognized childcare providers in Québec. Despite their specific features, they must all comply with the requirements on children’s health, safety and well-being set out in the Educational Childcare Act and the Educational Childcare Regulation.

Recognized childcare providers offer legal educational childcare, which meet strict quality standards.

As of March 31, 2018, there were more than 300,000 spaces available for Québec children across the educational childcare network of recognized childcare providers.

Your child attends a recognized childcare provider if, in particular:

The permit of the childcare provider is displayed.

  • Childcare centres and day care centres have the obligation to display their permit in each of their facilities in a place readily visible and accessible to the public at all times. Parents can also consult the Childcare Establishment Locator to check whether a day care centre or childcare centre holds a permit.

Recognized home childcare providers hold a recognition.

  • They do not have to display in their residence the document certifying their recognition by a home childcare coordinating office. However, parents may ask a recognized home childcare provider to show them the notice of acceptance received from the coordinating office. To know whether a home childcare provider is recognized, parents may also address the coordinating office for their territory. This contact information for the coordination office can be found by consulting the Childcare Establishment Locator.

The childcare provider displays the "Service de garde reconnu" (Recognized Childcare) logo.

  • The Ministère de la Famille has designed a logo that allows parents to identify recognized childcare providers easily. However, displaying this logo is not mandatory, nor does it constitute a permit or recognition. If the logo is not displayed in a location readily visible from outdoors, parents are invited to check with the childcare provider.

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June 26, 2018