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Transition to the School Environment

One of the missions of educational childcare is to offer children a suitable living environment to stimulate their development on all levels, from birth until they start school; Thus, the deployment of transitional measures between childcare and school is a key success factor for successful integration into school.

Guide for Supporting a Successful School Transition

This guide provides information on a successful transition and allows analysis, improvement and deployment of transitional practices between the different environments in which children live and receive services. It is addressed, in particular, to stakeholders in childcare, the school system and the health and social services network.

Gateway to school attendance

In the Montérégie, a tool has been developed to facilitate this transition. This is Portrait de l’enfant en vue de sa fréquentation scolaire : les interventions gagnantes en service de garde – La passerelle (Profile of the child in view of school attendance: winning interventions in childcare - The gateway). It is addressed to Québec childcare centres (CPE) and day care centres and can be used for all children going through a transition to school. It was designed to highlight the strategies used successfully with children in childcare.

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April 9, 2020