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Role of the Coordinating Office

The Coordinating Office approved by the Minister has the responsibility to coordinate, in a defined territory, the educational childcare services offered by home childcare providers. More precisely, the Coordinating Office fulfills the following functions:

  • to grant, renew, suspend or revoke the recognition of home childcare providers, according to the cases and conditions determined by law;
  • to ensure that the home childcare providers it has recognized comply with the standards that apply to them by law;
  • to distribute subsidized childcare spaces among recognized home childcare providers according to the childcare needs of parents and the instructions of the Minister of Families;
  • to determine, according to the cases and conditions determined by regulation, a parent’s eligibility for payment of the contribution set by the Government under section 82;
  • to administer, according to the Minister’s instructions, the granting, payment, maintenance, suspension, reduction, withdrawal or recovery of subsidies to recognized home childcare providers, and see to the signing and management of agreements proposed by the Minister and to the management of the documents and information necessary for the administration of subsidies;
  • to make information about home childcare available to parents;
  • to provide technical and pedagogical support on request;
  • to deal with complaints concerning recognized home childcare providers.

The role of home childcare providers within their Coordinating Office

You play an important role on your Coordinating Office's advisory committee. You can participate actively in the development of the services it offers, both to parents and to home childcare providers.

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November 29, 2018