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Services agreement

As a home childcare provider, you must make a childcare services agreement with each of the parents using your services.

To this effect, the Department proposes a reduced-contribution childcare services agreement template that allows the establishment of clear and intelligible guidelines between home childcare providers and the parents using their services.

The Department also proposes special agreement templates pertaining to the following points:

  • organized outings within the framework of educational activities;
  • supply of personal hygiene items;
  • supply of additional meals;
  • additional childcare periods.

The home childcare provider must enter into one of these special agreements when the parents wish to benefit from additional services.

These agreements comply with the provisions set out in the Educational Childcare Act, the Reduced Contribution Regulation and the Consumer Protection Act. The Department invites home childcare providers to use these templates with parents, although their use is not mandatory.

Note regarding the requirement to provide the parent's social insurance

If the service provider uses a paper copy of the service agreement printed before October 6 2020, the parent is not obliged to provide his social insurance number.

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Last modified date :
October 6, 2020