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Application for Recognition

To be recognized, you must submit an application to the Coordinating Office accredited for the territory in which the residence where you to provide the childcare is situated. The application must be made in writing and accompanied by the documents and information required by regulation, particularly the following:

  • a copy of your act of birth, Canadian citizenship certificate, permanent resident card or any other document establishing the your identity and right to work in Canada;
  • a copy of the act of birth of each child under 18 years of age who lives with you;
  • a description of your work experience and education;
  • a physician’s certificate attesting to your good physical and mental health;
  • the educational program you propose to apply;
  • the emergency evacuation procedure;
  • the attestations establishing that no impediment exists;
  • information concerning your assistant, if applicable.

You must be able to rely on a person of full age available to replace you or the person assisting you if either of you is required to leave owing to an emergency. You may also designate an adult to replace you occasionally.

Before granting recognition, the Coordinating Office must:

  • ensure you have the required qualifications and the necessary training;
  • visit the residence where the services will be provided;
  • interview you and each person over 14 years of age residing in the residence where the childcare services will be provided.

The Coordinating Office must give you written notice of its decision. The notice of acceptance contains the following information, in particular:

  • the effective date of the recognition;
  • the expiry date of the recognition;
  • the number of children under 18 months of age to whom you may provide childcare;
  • the maximum number of children to whom you may provide childcare;
  • the address of the residence or the premises where the childcare will be provided.

To obtain the application for recognition form and the list of documents and information required, communicate with the Coordinating Office in your territory, for which you can obtain the contact information in the Childcare Establishment Locator.

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Last modified date :
September 7, 2018