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How to find your way around the childcare services offered in Québec

In Québec, childcare services are offered in two types of settings: facility-based childcare (day care centres and childcare centres) or home childcare.

Childcare offered in facilities (daycare centres and childcare centres (CPE))

  • Childcare in facilities is offered by childcare centres, subsidized day care centres (which offer reduced-contribution spaces) and non-subsidized day care centres for which the daily fixed rate per child varies depending on the facility.

Home childcare services

  • Individuals who offer home childcare services can be recognized as a home childcare provider by a home childcare coordinating office. Those wishing to offer reduced-contribution spaces or receive more than 6 children, but never more than 9, must be recognized and, in the later, be assisted by another adult. People not wishing to be recognized can provide childcare services subject to certain conditions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will all childcare services receive the logo?
    • Only recognized childcare providers, in other words childcare centres, subsidized and non-subsidized day care centres and home childcare providers recognized by a home childcare coordinating office, will receive the logo. Providers of home childcare services who are not recognized will not receive the logo.

  • Is it mandatory to display the logo?
    • Childcare centres, day care centres and home childcare providers recognized by a coordinating office are invited by the Ministère de la Famille to display the logo, but this is not mandatory.

  • Does the logo guarantee the quality of the childcare services?
    • The logo clearly shows parents that the childcare provider undertakes to comply with the legal and regulatory framework and to assure a healthy and safe environment for children.

  • Does the logo indicate this is a reduced-contribution childcare service?
    • No. The logo indicates that the childcare providers are recognized and subject to the requirements governing the quality of educational childcare services.

  • My childcare service has not displayed the logo. What can I do to ensure it is in good standing?
    • It is not mandatory for the childcare service provider to display the logo.

      To check if a childcare centre or daycare centre holds a permit, you can ask to see it. As stipulated in the Act, these service providers must display their permit in each of their facilities in a place readily visible and accessible to the public at all times. You can also look up the Childcare Establishment Locator, to check whether a day care centre or a childcare centre holds a permit.

      Home childcare providers do not obtain a permit and do not have to display a document in their residence. To find out if a home childcare provider is recognized, you can address the home childcare coordinating office for your territory (see the Childcare Establishment Locator to find this office). If the persons providing the childcare service are not recognized, they are required to provide you with certain documents that will allow you to judge their compliance with applicable regulations.

  • My childcare service does not display the logo and, after checking, the person in charge tells me it does not hold a permit from the Ministère de la Famille. I have the impression the childcare service is illegal. What should I do?
    • If a person who is not recognized is offering home childcare, you should know that this person must meet certain requirements to be able to provide childcare services. This person does not need to be issued a recognition by a coordinating office if it meets each of the requirements. Consequently, this person cannot display a logo.

If you need more information or have doubts regarding the legality of a childcare service, you may contact the Service des renseignements.

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July 16, 2018