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Non-recognized childcare services

Childcare services exist that do not need to be recognized by the Ministère de la Famille. The bodies or persons that offer them are not obliged to hold a permit issued by the Ministère de la Famille or a recognition issued by a Home Childcare Coordinating Office.

  • At home or in a facility

Any natural person may offer or provide childcare services to a maximum of six children (not including the person's own children) without needing to be recognized by a Home Childcare Coordinating Office or holding a childcare centre (CPE) or daycare centre permit. The same obligations apply to a legal person. However, the children of its directors are included in the calculation.

  • In a community organization

A community organization may offer temporary childcare services as part of their mandate or as part of a specific activity involving parents or children.

  • In a nursery school

A nursery school, if it was in operation on October 25, 2005, may provide educational childcare services to stable groups of at least seven children from two to five years of age for periods not exceeding four hours a day.

  • In a day camp or vacation camp

Any person who operates an establishment that receives, during the day, elementary school children (from kindergarten to Grade 6) during school vacations or their parents' vacations.

  • In childcare at school

A school board or a private educational institution that provides childcare at school within the meaning of the Education Act or the Act respecting private education.

  • In any other non-recognized childcare service

Any person who provides occasional organized childcare services to children whose parents are on site and can be reached if needed.

Although they are not recognized by the Ministère de la Famille, these childcare services are not illegal. If they comply with the provisions of the Educational Childcare Act that apply to their situation, they can operate legally, without holding a permit from the Ministère de la Famille or a recognition issued by a Home Childcare Coordinating Office.

If you need more information or if you have any doubts regarding the legality of the childcare service your child attends, you may contact the information service of the Ministère.

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April 26, 2017