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Illegal Childcare Services

Childcare services are deemed to be illegal when a person who is not subject to an exemption provided under the Educational Childcare Act offers and provides childcare services to at least one child in exchange for a contribution from the parent.

An illegal childcare service is, for example, one in which a non-recognized person provides childcare services in a family setting without meeting all the conditions for providing such services.

The Educational Childcare Act also prohibits identifying such a service with a name containing the words "daycare centre" or "CPE" when the person operating the service does not hold a permit issued by the Ministère de la Famille.

If you need more information or if you have any doubts regarding the legality of the childcare service that your child attends, you may contact information service of the Ministère.

Following a complaint, the Ministère de la Famille may conduct inspections or investigations into potentially illegal childcare services.

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Last modified date :
July 18, 2018