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Learning healthy lifestyles

The educational program applied in a recognized educational childcare service must include promotion and prevention services intended to give your child an environment favourable to the development of:

  • healthy lifestyles;
  • healthy food habits;
  • and behaviours that beneficially influence your child's health and welfare.

Diet exercises a major influence on children's growth and health. In a recognized educational childcare service, as at home, it is essential to give children a sufficient quantity of appetizing, varied, good quality food.

The childcare service provider, in addition to composing healthy menus, promotes good food habits and pays attention to allergies and food intolerances.

Recognized childcare services must offer children healthy environments. They must awaken children to the importance of moving, running, jumping and playing outdoors. They must also be concerned about the children's welfare and physical health.

Finally, recognized childcare services apply the recommended public health measures to prevent transmission of infections.

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Last modified date :
January 22, 2020