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Application of an educational program

Educational childcare services offer children from zero to five years of age an educational program adapted to their age, but also to the time they spend at the childcare service. The goal of the educational intervention is to ensure the child's comprehensive and harmonious development. The educator organizes, facilitates and evaluates group, subgroup and individual activities so as to enable each child to develop his or her full potential. The educational activities cover the physical, motor, intellectual, language, socioaffective and moral dimensions of the child's development.

The educational program relies mainly on play to:

  • assist children in their learning;
  • prepare them for the different stages of their evolution;
  • favour their comprehensive development;
  • promote healthy lifestyles (diet, behaviours, etc.).

Educational childcare services also favour knowledge share on children's experience to help them make a smooth transition to school.

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December 16, 2016