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Inspection of illegal childcare services

A recognized childcare service provider assures parents that the childcare establishment is subject to respecting several standards with regard to the children's health, safety and wellbeing. Childcare centers and day care centers holding permits are recognized childcare services and are subject to regular, ad hoc inspections. See Compliance of Recognized Childcare Establishments.

The Educational Childcare Act stipulates that no person may, personally or through another, provide or offer to provide childcare to a child in return for a parental contribution unless the person holds a childcare centre or day care center permit or is a home childcare provider recognized by an accredited home childcare coordinating office. The Act does, however, allow non-recognized people to provide home childcare services, subject to certain conditions. There are also some exclusions to the Act.

In this context, the Ministère's mission includes acting when it has reasonable grounds to believe that activities are being carried on for which a permit, recognition or certification is required. The Ministère ensures that the childcare service is compliant with the Act. If necessary, the Ministère can carry out investigations.

Policy on inspection of potentially illegal childcare services

The Ministère de la Famille has adopted a Policy on inspection of potentially illegal childcare services (In French).

This policy aims to support the interventions of the Ministère de la Famille to achieve the highest level of quality in the fight against illegal childcare. The inspection policy covers the actions and powers of the inspectors, the inspection process and the application of sanctions. It also specifies the roles and responsibilities of the different players concerned by the inspection process.

The Ministère can also use investigation techniques to intervene with potentially illegal childcare services.

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January 31, 2019