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The locator of childcare centres, day care centres and home childcare is updated every Friday.

You can use three different ways of searching:

  • The search by proximity allows you to find all childcare establishments that are near a given address—your home address, for example.

  • The simple search is the fastest way to find an establishment, if you know its name or the street it is on.

  • The search by administrative region or CLSC territory provides you with the list of all childcare establishments in a given region or territory. You may narrow your search results by city or by the name of the street the establishment is on.




What should you do if some information is incorrect?


  1. If you are the person responsible for the establishment in question
  • Fill out the electronic update form;

  • The information is updated every Friday

  1. If you are a parent
    • Inform the childcare establishment of the mistake.

    To ensure that requests for a correction are standard, the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés will only consider requests from persons responsible for childcare establishments who follow the above-mentioned procedure.


Electronic update form


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You don’t know your CLSC territory?




Last modified date :
December 20, 2016