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Ageing and Living Together

A vision for the future

Québec’s demography is changing significantly. The population is ageing more quickly, and as a result we must change our methods to improve and enhance the support available to seniors, both now and in the future. Most of Québec’s seniors are in good health. They want to live in their own homes as they grow older, and continue to play an active role in community life.

Quebec – enriched by the contributions of its seniors

The Québec Government’s approach to and resources for active ageing are designed to act as levers in building a society that is fair to every generation, where age is not an obstacle and where seniors feel respected, involved and valued.

The 2018-2023 Action Plan, A Québec for All Ages (in French), proposes a set of concrete measures that will encourage seniors to play an active role in society, help them to remain healthy as they grow older in their communities, and allow them to live in a safe and welcoming environment.

Québec’s leadership in the area of active ageing

Québec is the only Canadian province with a true policy for active ageing: Aging and Living Together, At Home, In One’s Community, in Québec. The Policy promotes full participation by seniors in community life, with due respect for their wishes, interests and abilities.

A society that promotes active ageing creates conditions conducive to participation in society by its citizens and the development of their full potential at every stage of their lives. It also helps to ensure that they have access to safe living environments and the care they need as they grow older.

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Last modified date :
September 24, 2018