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Aging and Living Together

A vision of the future

Québec society is going through major demographic changes. The accelerated pace of population aging is leading us to change the ways we do things to improve and increase the support provided to seniors today and tomorrow. The majority of Québec seniors are healthy. They want to grow old at home and continue to be active participants in their community.

Aging and Living Together is the first government policy on aging. The policy was launched in 2012 and maintaining seniors in their living environment as long as possible is its central component. It is meant to be a social project, inviting all the players to take on the challenge of population aging and build an inclusive society for all ages, in which it is good to age and live together.

Aging and Living Together puts seniors at the core of government concerns and seeks to improve their quality of life so that they can contribute fully to the development of Québec society.

Aging and Living Together means recognizing the precious character of seniors' knowledge and expertise. It also means favouring the transmission of this wealth to the next generations.

Aging and Living Together means developing a society that builds bridges between generations for an open and better Québec…

... for a Québec enriched by its seniors' contribution

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Last modified date :
September 7, 2017