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Abuse situations

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Several signs make it possible to recognize a situation of elder abuse. In particular, an abuse situation may show:

  • disrespect for the senior's dignity;
  • deprivation of the senior's freedom of choice concerning everyday life;
  • verbal violence including insults, blackmail and degrading words;
  • use of physical force;
  • psychological, moral or sexual harassment;
  • an intentional lack of care;
  • abusive or insufficient administration of drugs.

The most frequent abuse situations at home are those that involve an adult child, a spouse or another close relation.

Abuse by an adult child may involve:

  • a reversal of the situation with a parent who was violent or negligent to his or her children in the past;
  • manipulation of the parent in order to obtain money.

In a couple, abuse may be related to the continuation of a conjugal violence situation. Abuse by a spouse or a family caregiver may be caused by:

  • the conscious or unconscious refusal to take responsibility for the senior;
  • the feeling that the senior is unappreciative of the work performed;
  • burnout of a caregiver who has looked after the senior for a long time;
  • financial dependence between the senior and the spouse or family caregiver.




Aide Abus Aînés helpline: 1 888 489-2287


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