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Work-family balance

On June 15, 2011, the Ministère de la Famille undertook the following in an effort to share its adherence and commitment to the BNQ 9700-820 Work-Family Balance Standard:

“The Ministère recognizes the real value of the work-family balance needs of its personnel. Furthermore, offering a response adapted to the various needs of families is the first issue of the 2008-2012 strategic plan. It is with this in mind that the Ministère mobilizes human and financial resources in order to materialize this issue within its own workforce. Through this initiative, it hopes to promote better reconciliation of professional and family life for its employees and to set an example so as to inspire other ministries and organizations to take action.” [translation]

The Ministère is proud to be level-3 certified under the BNQ 9700-820 standard since October 31, 2013!

Finally, in its 2012-2017 strategic plan, the Ministère reiterates its commitment regarding work-family balance:

“Furthermore, the Ministère de la Famille aspires to be the first ministry to hold the Work-Family Balance certification, providing an undeniable competitive edge.” [translation]

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December 22, 2016