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Recognized Home Childcare Providers

A recognized home childcare provider is a natural person who contracts with parents to provide childcare in a private residence in return for payment. This recognition is issued by a home childcare coordinating office.

Issuance of recognition is not systematically associated with the granting of subsidized spaces. In most cases, however, the childcare services offered by a recognized home childcare provider are subsidized and, as such, offer reduced-contribution spaces for parents.

Educational home childcare meets the needs of parents who wish to offer their child an environment:

  • that is friendly, stable and comfortable;
  • that is composed of children of different ages, like a family;
  • that reminds children of their own home, with the reassurance that entails.

A recognized home childcare provider is required to meet certain obligations, particularly in terms of children’s health, safety, well-being and development. The person must also comply with service quality standards. These regulations, which are subject to verification by the Ministère, focus on ensuring that a recognized home childcare provider:

  • does not receive more than 6 children of whom no more than 2 are under the age of 18 months, or 9 children of whom no more than 4 are under the age of 18 months if he or she is assisted by another adult;
  • applies an educational program and undergoes a review of its educational quality;
  • takes training;
  • manages the administration, keeping and labelling of medications, cleaning products and toxic products;
  • provides a healthy, safe and clean environment;
  • has a first aid kit that is readily available;
  • respects Canada’s Food Guide;
  • constantly supervises the children under his or her care;
  • guarantees daily outdoor activities.

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May 8, 2019