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Childcare Centres

A childcare centre is a non-profit legal person or a cooperative that provides educational childcare in one or more facilities. Childcare services provided by a childcare centre are subsidized and, as such, offer reduced-contribution spaces.

A childcare centre is a recognized childcare provider and, as such, it must meet certain obligations, particularly in terms of children’s health, safety, well-being and development. It must also comply with service quality standards . These regulations, which are subject to verification by the Ministère, focus on ensuring that a childcare centre:

  • receives no more than 100 children per facility;
  • applies an educational program and undergoes a review of its educational quality;
  • employs a minimum of qualified educators;
  • undergoes inspections;
  • manages the administration, keeping and labelling of medications, cleaning products and toxic products;
  • provides a healthy, safe and clean environment;
  • has a first aid kit that is readily available;
  • respects Canada’s Food Guide;
  • constantly supervises the children under its care;
  • guarantees daily outdoor activities.

Getting involved on the board of directors of a childcare centre

Childcare centres are managed by a board of directors. The board is made up of at least seven members, with two thirds of them being parents who are current or future clients of the childcare centre. You can get involved on the board of directors of the childcare centre your child attends to:

  • oversee the sound management of services, programs and resources;
  • define policies and set objectives;
  • adopt the educational program.

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April 28, 2023