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Allowance for Integrating a Disabled Child in Educational Childcare

For the purposes of the allowance, a disabled child is defined as a child with a deficiency causing a significant and persistent disability, who is likely to face obstacles in his or her integration process into a childcare facility.

The allowance for integration of a disabled child, which is added to the basic allowance of home childcare providers, is for children age 59 months or less and children of school age (under certain conditions) whose deficiency has been certified

  • by a professional recognized by the Ministère; or
  • by a certificate from Retraite Québec.

The document entitled Integrating a disabled child into a childcare facility - Framework and Procedure provides the guidelines necessary for the implementation and management of the allowance and informs subsidized childcare providers who wish to integrate disabled children into their environments about the terms applicable.

The eligibility conditions, the allowance standards and the funding scales related to the allowance are found in the budget rules and the occupancy rules published annually by the Ministère.

Moreover, the directive concerning the allowance describes its terms of management and provides clarifications with regard to the eligibility conditions and the allowance standards.


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Last modified date :
December 30, 2020