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Home childcare

In Québec, nearly 15,000 home childcare providers are recognized by one of the 162 Home Childcare Coordinating Offices.

The recognition granted by a Coordinating Office to a home childcare provider is:

  • confirmation that the childcare provider has the qualifications and training necessary to offer such services;
  • a basic condition to allow the childcare provider to offer reduced-contribution spaces, to the extent they are available and where they meet the needs of the community's parents.

A person who keeps no more than six children in a private residence does not have the obligation to be recognized as a home childcare provider by a Coordinating Office. However, such a person may apply for such recognition, if he or she wishes, particularly to receive pedagogical and technical support from the Coordinating Office.

However, a provider who provides childcare to seven to nine children absolutely must be recognized by a Coordinating Office and be assisted by another adult.1

When a person is recognized as a home childcare provider and is not assisted by another adult, he or she may offer educational childcare services to no more than six children. This number includes:

  • no more than two infants, i.e. children under 18 months of age;
  • the provider's own children if they are under 9 years of age.

A provider who is assisted by another adult may provide childcare to up to nine children. This number includes:

  • no more than four infants;
  • the provider's own children and those of the assistant if they are under nine years of age and the children who ordinarily live with them and who are present while the services are provided.

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  1. This does not apply to the exclusions set out in section 2 of the Educational Childcare Act.

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March 28, 2017