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New pricing

Since April 22, 2015, the contribution requested from the parent whose child attends a subsidized childcare service has been modified. It is now composed of a basic contribution and an additional contribution modulated according to the family income.

The 2016-2017 budget provided for a 50% decrease in the additional contribution for the second child attending a subsidized childcare service. This reduction is retroactive and applies to the year 2015.

For 2017

The basic contribution and the additional contribution are indexed annually on January 1. Starting on January 1, 2017, the basic contribution will be $7.75 per day per child. To know all the new rates for 2017, parents are invited to consult the poster "Pricing of subsidized childcare services for 2017".

A 2-stage contribution:

  • All parents whose child occupies a subsidized space must continue to pay a basic contribution directly to their childcare service.
  • The additional contribution is added to the basic contribution. It is modulated according to family income. It will be paid to Revenu Québec when filing the income tax return for 2015 and subsequent years.

All the additional contributions will be paid to the Educational Childcare Services Fund, all the amounts of which will be used by the Ministère de la Famille to fund subsidized educational childcare services.

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Last modified date :
September 22, 2017