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Optimization measures

Optimization of funding of childcare services will allow the Ministère de la Famille to maximize the government investment and empower childcare services, while continuing to ensure the children's health, safety, development and well-being and the quality of the educational program applied.

To achieve these goals, the Ministère de la Famille proposes the following measures:

  • implement a childcare services funding mode based on optimum work organization models;
  • add requirements aimed at maximum use of the subsidized spaces and strengthen monitoring of the children's actual presence at the childcare service, both in home childcare and in a facility.

Certain measures envisioned do not require an amendment to the Educational Childcare Act. The Ministère de la Famille intends to apply these measures gradually.

Other measures necessitate an amendment to the Educational Childcare Act. Before applying them, the usual legislative process must be followed.

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Last modified date :
December 16, 2016