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Services Provided as Consideration of the Reduced Contribution

The Ministère subsidizes childcare centres, day care centres and recognized home childcare providers so they may offer parents reduced contribution spaces. The amount of the contribution to be paid by parents is established by the Reduced Contribution Regulation. Payment of the reduced contribution entitles the parent to the following

  • educational childcare for a maximum of ten continuous hours per day;
  • snacks if your child receives childcare at snack time;
  • lunch or supper if your child receives childcare at mealtime and, in other cases, breakfast;
  • all educational material used by the childcare provider.

Childcare period

Your child is entitled to 261 days of childcare per year. All combinations of days and half-days are possible. However, you may not benefit from more than twenty days of childcare per four weeks, unless you demonstrate such a need due to seasonal work or due to your work or study schedule.

You will need to enter into a written agreement with the childcare provider, which will cover the following points:

  • educational childcare services;
  • projected days of attendance;
  • hours of childcare services;
  • the way the services are provided:
    • per day (from more than 4 to 10 continuous hours of childcare per day);
    • or per half-day (from 2.5 to 4 hours of childcare per day).


A subsidized childcare provider does not have the right to ask the parent for an extra contribution or fees greater than the amount corresponding to the basic contribution established by the regulation for the following services:

  • an activity it organizes;
  • an article it provides;
  • any service it offers during its opening hours.

Moreover, he or she cannot charge additional registration or management fees or refuse to admit your child because you refuse to pay fees other than the basic contribution established by the regulation.

The childcare provider can, however, request a payment or contribution in the following situations:

  • an occasional outing in connection with an educational activity in which the child participates and for which costs are incurred by the service provider;
  • a specific hygiene item provided to a child for which costs are incurred by the service provider;
  • a meal in addition to the one to which the reduced contribution entitles you.
  • an additional period of childcare services when a child is present more than ten hours during a day;
  • late fees when a child leaves after closing time.

For a childcare provider to charge these fees, you must agree to them through a special written agreement. Late fees, however, must be indicated in your Agreement for Childcare Services.

You can refuse to have your child participate in an outing, use an item or benefit from a service offered by the childcare provider. In such cases, the childcare provider must still offer your child the educational childcare services to which you are entitled.

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December 19, 2020