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Inspection of illegal childcare services

After presenting the legal framework on which the interventions of the Ministère de la Famille are based, this policy establishes the guiding principles for inspection of illegal childcare services. It sets out values to which inspectors must subscribe in the course of their duties. It describes the inspector's powers, the process, the steps of an inspection, and the measures and penalties applicable to offenders. It specifies the roles and responsibilities of the different players concerned by the inspection process.

It addresses:

  • the persons who offer or provide childcare services without holding a permit or without being recognized by a Home Childcare Coordinating Office approved by the Minister of Families, when this is required under the Educational Childcare Act;
  • the parents who use these services;
  • the inspectors and staff of the Ministère de la Famille.

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Last modified date :
March 27, 2017