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Services offered

Payment of the reduced contribution gives entitlement to the following:

  • educational childcare services for a maximum of ten continuous hours per day;
  • snacks if your child is kept at snack time;
  • lunch or supper if your child is kept at mealtime and, in other cases, breakfast;
  • all the material used by the childcare service.


A childcare service does not have the right to ask the parent for a contribution greater than the rate corresponding to the reduced contribution in force for the following:

  • an activity it organizes;
  • an article it provides;
  • any service it offers during its hours of childcare.

However, situations exist for which fees may be charged:

  • an organized outing within the framework of an educational activity for which the childcare service incurs expenses;
  • a specific hygiene item provided to your child, the costs of which are assumed by the childcare service;
  • a meal other than the one to which the reduced contribution entitles you.

If you refuse for your child to participate in an outing or use an item or a service, the childcare service nonetheless must provide your child with the educational childcare services to which he or she is entitled.

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Childcare period

Your child is entitled to 261 days of childcare per year. All combinations of days and half-days are possible. However, you may not benefit from more than twenty days of childcare per four-week period, unless you prove that you need it:

  • due to seasonal work;
  • or because your work or education schedule justifies it.

You will enter into a written agreement with the childcare service, which will cover the following points:

  • educational childcare services;
  • projected days of attendance;
  • hours of childcare services;
  • the way the services are offered:
    • per day (between 4 and 10 continuous hours of childcare per day)
    • or per half-day (between 2 hours and 30 minutes and 4 hours of childcare).

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