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The main steps of application of the administrative penalties regime


The Direction de l’inspection and the regional directorates of the Ministère de la Famille may impose an administrative penalty if a childcare provider has omitted to comply with a legislative or regulatory provision or has omitted to correct a recognized breach within the prescribed period.


The childcare provider on whom an administrative penalty is imposed must pay the administrative penalty. Failure to pay the amount due may result in the application of specific recourses (deduction from a future subsidy payment and issuance of a recovery certificate).


The Ministère de la Famille handles applications for review of the imposition of administrative penalties. The childcare provider may apply for review within the prescribe periods.

Publication in the Register

The Ministère de la Famille maintains and publishes a Register of information concerning the penalties imposed on childcare providers.

Click here to access the Register (In French).

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Last modified date :
March 27, 2017