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Visit to the premises

If a first call confirms your interest in a childcare service and you want to visit it or are invited to visit it because a space is available, here are some points on which to focus your interest:

  • Are the premises clean and well laid out?
  • Are the toys clean and are there enough of them?
  • Are the proposed activities interesting and appropriate for the different age groups?
  • Is the menu balanced and varied?
  • Do the premises seem safe?
  • Is there a backyard? Is it safe and well laid out?

Also meet the educator or the home childcare provider and the people who may come into contact with your child. Ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Do these people inspire your confidence?
  • In the case of a recognized childcare service, do the people in contact with your child have an attestation establishing that no impediment exists?
  • What is the training or what are the qualifications of the educator or the home childcare provider?
  • In the case of home childcare, verify what other people could come into contact with your child.

For more information, see the following document:

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March 27, 2017