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Programs and measures

Financial aid for Family Community Organizations
These financial aid measures aim to promote the actions of Family Community Organizations (FCO), to provide them with financial support for the achievement of their global mission and in their offer of community drop-in childcare services.

Measures for integrating a disabled child into a childcare centre
The Ministère offers allowances to help childcare service providers integrate a disabled child. These measures aim to help the childcare service providers with the integration of disabled children while maintaining a quality service for all. They also allow the child to develop and achieve the greatest possible independence.

Work premium
The work premium designed to encourage low to medium-income workers to join or stay in the labour market.

Infrastructure funding program
The Infrastructure Funding Program (IFP) provides early childhood centres (ECC) the resources needed to complete capital projects requiring significant financial support and facilitates their access to funding under advantageous conditions.

Reduced-contribution space program for children from 0 to less than five years old, offered by subsidized childcare services
This program aims to offer educational childcare services for children under the age of five, at a minimal cost for parents. As of October 1, 2014, the reduced contribution for childcare services to be paid by parents was fixed at $7.30/day.

Support program for childcare projects during the school break and the summer of 2017
The program seeks to support new projects and to enhance or broaden available childcare services for school-age children during the school break and the summer of 2017. It is intended for non-profit legal entities that are properly constituted under the laws of Québec that have been in operation for at least two years. Municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCMs), band councils, the Kativik Regional Government, the Cree Nation Government and other Aboriginal organizations may take advantage of the program.

Family community action support program
The Family Community Action Support Program was set up by the Ministère de la Famille as part of the implementation of the government's action plan pertaining to community action and the government's community action policy–a contribution that is essential to the exercise of citizenship and social development in Québec. This program aims to provide community organizations with financial support, providing transparent and fair funding methods based on the budgets available.

Municipal family policy support program
This program offers financial and technical support to municipalities with less than 100,000 residents and to RCMs that wish to adopt a family policy or update an existing one. About 15 months following the adoption of their family policy, technical support is also provided to municipalities and to RCMs to assist them with the implementation of their action plan.

Financial support program for surveillance services for disabled students 12 to 21 years old
The Financial support program for surveillance services for disabled students 12 to 21 years old provides organizations with financial support to help them offer safe, adapted surveillance services to disabled high-school students.

Financial support program for community drop-in childcare services
Community drop-in childcare services aim to help meet parents' needs for occasional childcare services in order to give them a break or allow them to take part in training or social or professional activities, among others. Through this program, the Ministère de la Famille supports the drop-in childcare services offered by community organizations and intended for parents.

2013-2014 Financial support program for improving the quality of childcare services
If eligible, an association or group of childcare service providers, as well as not-for profit organizations, can receive financial support for a consolidation project aiming to improve the accessibility, quality and management of childcare services.

Child assistance
Child assistance has been around since January 2005. It is an amount paid to families who have dependents under the age of 18 to help them cover the essentials.

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