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Educational Childcare Act

Since June 1, 2006, the Educational Childcare Act (R.S.Q., chapter S-4.1.1) has replaced the Act respecting childcare centres and childcare services (R.S.Q., chapter C-8.2).

Note: Statutes are grouped together in alphanumerical order. The title of each statute is followed by its official reference in parentheses or its administrative reference in square brackets and the attendant regulations.

Full text: Educational Childcare Act
(R.S.Q., Chapter S-4.1.1)
Administrative version (French only)

Overview : Loi sur les services de garde éducatifs à l'enfance en bref - Pour promouvoir et soutenir la qualité des services de garde éducatifs (PDF, 3,82 Mb), HTML version (in French).

Archive: Act respecting childcare centres and childcare services
(R.S.Q., c. C-8.2)

An Act to tighten the regulation of educational childcare

On December 10, 2010, the Minister of Families had adopted Bill 126, the Act to tighten the regulation of educational childcare.

An Act to tighten the regulation of educational childcare


Régulations Since August 31, 2006, the Reduced Contribution Regulation (R.S.Q., chapter [S-4.1.1, r.1]) and the Educational Childcare Regulation (R.S.Q., chapter [S-4.1.1, r.2]) have replaced the Reduced Contribution Regulation (R.S.Q., 1981 chapter [C-8.2, r.3]), the Regulation respecting childcare centres (R.S.Q., 1981 chapter [C-8.2, r.2]) and the Regulation respecting day care centres (R.S.Q., 1981, chapter [C-8.2, r.5.1]).

Note: The title of each regulation is followed either by its reference to the Revised Regulations of Québec, 1981 or the administrative reference adopted after the revision. References to subsequent amendments are not indicated.

Reduced Contribution Regulation
(R.S.Q., c. S-4.1.1, r.1)
Administrative version (under revision)

Educational Childcare Regulation
(R.S.Q., c. S-4.1.1, r.2)
Administrative version (under revision)

Act to amend the Educational Childcare Act

The Minister of Families, Minister responsible for Seniors and Minister responsible for Anti-Bullying had adopted on October 22, 2014 Bill 2, the Act to amend the Educational Childcare Act.

The legislative amendments followed a judgment handed down by the Court of Appeal in September 2013.

The bill seeks to clarify the notion of related person stipulated in the Educational Childcare Act from the standpoint of certain ties between the individuals targeted, including relatives. The legislative amendments stipulate that a relative who establishes the absence of an economic tie is not related within the meaning of sections 93.1 and 93.2 of the Act. They also cover economic ties similar to those found in a family between persons who are not related.

Relevant documents

The administrative rule concerning recognized training equivalences has been replaced by the Directive concernant l’évaluation de la qualification du personnel de garde et les équivalences de formation reconnues.

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