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Sustainable development action plan

The Sustainable Development Act was adopted unanimously by the Québec National Assembly in the spring of 2006. It operationalizes the sustainable development process of Québec or its sustainable development institutional framework. It applies to Gouvernement du Québec ministries and organizations.

The implementation of sustainable development within the Public Administration is based on the Government Sustainable Development Strategy 2015–2020 (GSDS 2015-2020), which came to be following the revision of the previous strategy. The adoption of the GSDS 2015-2020 was the outcome of various consultations and extensive research and reflections. The Ministère de la Famille’s Plan d’action de développement durable 2015-2020 (PADD 2015-2020) was developed based on this government strategy, which is divided into eight orientations and 27 objectives.

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December 22, 2016