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Declaration of Services to Citizens

The Declaration of Services to Citizens is a preferred means to improve services and place citizens at the heart of the government administration's concerns.

Our Ministère

Our Ministère aims to promote families' well-being and growth, children's development and seniors' social, economic and professional contribution. We have adopted an ethical approach to ensure this mission is completely fulfilled, particularly with regard to offering quality services. We have also decided to go green.

We act on issues affecting children and their parents, as well as families and seniors. As such, we work with other ministries and organizations, and we make contact with associations and groups, community organizations, municipalities, regional county municipalities and regional conference of elected officers and, of course, with childcare services.

We develop, implement and coordinate policies, strategies, programs, measures and action plans in areas covering different parts of our mission. We also provide expert advice in these same areas. Finally, we support the educational childcare services.

Our service engagements

We offer services via partnerships

  • We work with partners from various areas in order to fulfil our mission.

We offer accessible services

  • We put various service delivery methods and different information documents at your disposal. We also provide you with information as part of events we are taking part in.
  • Our website also offers brochures, flyers, forms and reports to support you in your search for information and your processes.
  • Our services are adapted to the needs of the disabled.

We offer quality services

  • We remain polite and courteous in all of our communications.
  • We provide clear information.
  • We give your comments and suggestions all the attention they require.
  • Personal information in our possession is kept confidential and is used in accordance with the laws in place.
  • We take steps to learn citizens' needs and the population's satisfaction with regard to the services we offer.

Handing complaints

Our Ministère has adopted an internal policy for dealing with complaints. This policy aims to improve our efficiency and increase the satisfaction of citizens with regard to the quality of our services. We also handle complaints pertaining to childcare services.

Our engagements pertaining to handling your complaints

  • We contact you in the five business days following receipt of your complaint to confirm reception and begin the review process.
  • We treat each complaint with utmost confidentiality.
  • We notify you of how your complaint was handled.

Evaluation of our engagements

We monitor the application of the engagements of our Declaration Services and present the results in our management annual report and on our website.


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Last modified date :
December 16, 2016