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Am I being bullied?

Do you feel bullied? Is someone making you put up with a situation that affects you negatively? You may be a target of acts of bullying . Bullying does not necessarily involve criminal acts, but it can deeply hurt the targeted individuals. Rumours, threats and isolation, in person or online, are only a few examples of the different forms bullying can take.

Bullying exists when:

  • one or more persons are causing you harm and you feel powerless to deal with this situation. These individuals are seeking to gain power over you or taking advantage of their position (for example, due to their social status in a group, their superior numbers, greater strength, the fact that they are older) to hurt, humiliate and ostracize you. This is called an unequal power relationship;
  • the situation makes you unhappy, sad, worried or distressed;
  • the actions targeting you are committed repetitively by the same person or by a group of persons who repeat the same action in turn (for example: removing your cap, pushing you, shouting insults). It is also possible that certain actions may be committed only once and cause just as much distress;
  • this person or these persons act with the intention of hurting or harming you.

Solutions exist. You have rights that are protected by several legal provisions, and various resources can help you regain control of the situation and stop the bullying. You don't have to accept to feel humiliated, injured, oppressed or wronged. It is important to act, despite the fear you may have. Bullying must not be tolerated. You can speak to a trusted person who could help you or report the situation through the available mechanisms.

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Last modified date :
June 28, 2021