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Presentation of the application

An application must be presented within the framework of the call for projects. The applicant must present the application for financial assistance by using the form provided for that purpose, which is available at www.intimidation.gouv.qc.ca.

Please note that the call for projects is under way until October 4, 2019.

Documents required

To be submitted for evaluation, the files must be completed, comprehensible and based on accurate data. In addition, they must include:

  • The duly completed application form, particularly including:
    • a summary description of the applicant;
    • a summary of the project;
    • a summary of the current knowledge on which the project is based;
    • a description of the target clientele
    • the project objectives;
    • the anticipated impacts;
    • the detailed project revenue and expenditure forecasts;
  • The appendix presenting the detailed activities and the implementation schedule;
  • The resolution of the applicant’s board of directors authorizing the application and designating the project and the mandatary delegated to follow up the application;
  • The copy of the letters patent.

The Department, if necessary, could request the additional information or documents it considered relevant (e.g. activity report, audited financial report).

Eligible expenses

Only the expenses necessary for performance of project activities are considered. The following expenses are eligible:

  • Salaries:
    • of the personnel assigned to project management, not exceeding 10% of the remuneration of the personnel assigned to the project;
    • of the personnel assigned to performance of the project;
  • The purchasing costs of material and supplies intended exclusively for the project;
  • The costs related to promotion and distribution of achievements (production of promotional material, distribution costs, etc.) exclusively concerning the project;
  • Other unavoidable expenses directly related to the performance of the project.

Ineligible expenses

  • Any expense related to the performance of activities prior to acceptance of the project;
  • Any expense related to the organizing of conferences, congresses or seminars;
  • Any remuneration not directly related to the performance of the project, i.e. salaries of personnel assigned to the organization's current activities or other projects;
  • Any other expense not directly related to the performance or promotion of the project;
  • Any capital expenditure;
  • Any expenditure related to the acquisition of computer and mobile or fixed telephony hardware;
  • Any expenditure related to the acquisition of audiovisual, photo or recording equipment (for example, a television, Blu-ray player, camera, etc.);
  • Any expenditure related to the acquisition of sports or recreation equipment (for example, soccer balls, fitness equipment, musical instruments, etc.);
  • The costs related to the applicant’s current operations (telephone, electricity bills, etc.);
  • The portion of the Québec sales tax and the portion of the goods and services tax and the other costs for which the applicant is entitled to a refund;
  • Cost overruns.



For more information, please communicate by email with intimidation@mfa.gouv.qc.ca.

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June 26, 2019