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The files accepted will be evaluated by a selection committee under the responsibility of the Ministère, based on the following criteria:

  • the relevance and quality of the project;
  • the anticipated impacts and its structuring effects;
  • the realism of the project;
  • compliance with the obligations arising from an agreement related to prior financial assistance under the program.

Quality of the application

  • The application for financial assistance must contain clear, concise and complete information.

Relevance and quality of the project

  • The information submitted must make it possible to judge the relevance and quality of the project with regard to:
    • the government approach, as explained in the Concerted Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying 2015-2018 "Together Against Bullying, A Shared Responsibility";
    • the objectives of the Support Program;
    • the suitability of the projected activities to the project objectives.
  • The project fits in with the applicant's primary mission.
  • The project provides, when relevant, for local or regional concerted action and support from the community and partners.

    Anticipated impacts

    • The information provided in the application must make it possible to assess:
      • the positive impacts on the problem of bullying;
      • the contribution to the intervention environment or region;
      • the expected short-term or medium-term effects;
      • the project's viability and potential for sustainability (for example, the hiring of a person in charge of the project must be accompanied by a guarantee regarding the continuity of that person’s interventions);
      • the potential for transferability to other environments or clienteles.

    Realism of the project

    • The project's realism will be assessed on the basis of:
      • the means implemented to carry out the project;
      • the applicant's capacity to carry out the project within the projected financial plan, the proposed program, the applicant’s organizational and logistical capacity, and the performance guarantees offered.

    Applicant’s experience

    • The experience and expertise of the applicant and personnel assigned to the project are recognized as relevant to the problem of bullying, the nature of the project submitted and the target clientele.

    Support and guidance

    • The applicant’s ability to support vulnerable persons and guide them toward appropriate assistance resources is demonstrated.

    Special attention

    • In addition to the regional allocation of projects, special attention will be paid to projects that:
      • provide for the active participation of the persons concerned in the preparation and performance of the activities (projects "by and for" youths, Aboriginals, seniors, etc.);
      • involve researchers, evaluators and clinical staff in the approach;
      • target groups susceptible to bullying;
      • are innovative;
      • deal with one or more realities that have been minimally addressed in the field or are specific to a given territory;
      • seek to implement an approach that has proven itself in another context or another environment;
      • result from concerted action relying on complementary expertise.



    For more information, please communicate by email with intimidation@mfa.gouv.qc.ca.

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