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Project eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the program, the project must:

  • aim to prevent or fight bullying or assist the victims, witnesses, close relations and perpetrators of bullying;
  • be based on scientific knowledge or other relevant evidence;
  • prioritize a positive and educational approach;
  • not substitute for or be redundant with government actions and responsibilities;
  • provide for a mechanism that directs people to the appropriate resources or support when the projected activities could affect vulnerable individuals;
  • be potentially completed within 12 months.

Only one grant application per applicant may be submitted under this call for projects.

Project exclusion criteria

Any project presenting one or more of the following characteristics is not eligible for the program:

  • The project consists of supporting the applicant’s overall mission.
  • The activities have already been completed or are in progress.
  • The applicant plans to entrust the performance of activities to a third party.
  • The activities are already funded by other government programs.
  • It is a research project.
  • The project seeks to produce goods or services for sale or to solicit donations.
  • The activities are conducted outside Québec.

Applicant eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the program, the applicant must:

  • be a legally constituted non-profit organization, the objectives, activities and mission of which are compatible with the orientations and objectives of the program;
  • have a valid Québec Enterprise Number (QEN);
  • have its head office in Québec;
  • be administered by a democratically elected board of directors, the majority of whom are persons domiciled in Québec;
  • have been active for at least two years.

In the final selection of projects, priority will be given to applicants that have not yet received financial assistance under the program.

Applicant exclusion criteria

The following applicants may not file an application for financial assistance:

  • private enterprises
  • municipalities and regional county municipalities
  • government departments or government and paragovernmental bodies, such as educational institutions and integrated health and social services centres
  • police departments.

The Ministère reserves the right to exclude the project of an applicant who did not honour previous commitments when awarded a previous grant under any other government program.



For more information, please communicate by email with intimidation@mfa.gouv.qc.ca.

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Last modified date :
June 16, 2021