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Project eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the program, the project must:

  • Contribute to achieving at least one of the specific objectives of the Financial Support Program, namely:
    • Aim to prevent or fight bullying or cyberbullying, or assist the victims, witnesses, close relations and perpetrators of bullying;
    • Be geared to clienteles most likely to be victims of bullying or cyberbullying (young people, the elderly, people of sexual and gender diversity, ethnic and cultural minorities, Indigenous peoples, persons experiencing poverty or homelessness, etc.);
    • Aim to increase the safety of various environments, whether at the local, regional or provincial level;
  • Be based on scientific knowledge or other relevant data;
  • Be based on a positive and educational approach;
  • Offer activities that are different from the organization’s regular activities;
  • Be a one-time project;
  • Take place over a maximum period of 36 months;
  • Not be a substitute for government actions and responsibilities or identical to such actions and responsibilities.

Only one project per applicant may be submitted for the same call for projects.

Project exclusion criteria

Any project presenting one or more of the following characteristics is not eligible for the program:

  • The project offers regular activities or activities generally funded by the applicant organization’s operating budget;
  • The activities have already been completed or are in progress;
  • The project includes one or more activities already funded under the program;
  • The applicant plans to subcontract activities to a third party corresponding to more than 25% of the eligible project expenses;
  • The project seeks to produce goods or services for sale or to solicit donations;
  • The activities are conducted outside Québec.

Applicant eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the program, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a legally constituted non-profit organization;
  • Have a valid Québec Enterprise Number;
  • Be administered by a democratically elected board of directors, the majority of whom are persons domiciled in Québec;
  • Be operating mainly in Québec;
  • Have been in operation for at least two years.

Applicant exclusion criteria

The following applicants are excluded from the program:

  • Foundations whose mission is basically to raise and redistribute funds;
  • Professional orders, unions and political organizations;
  • Religious organizations;
  • Organizations created by a public body to meet the interests of a public administration;
  • Non-profit organizations whose objectives and activities are aimed primarily at holding conventions, symposia or seminars or preparing and producing teaching or promotional materials;
  • Non-profit organizations whose priority objectives and activities, in whole or in part, are buying and renovating properties.

An applicant is also ineligible in the following situations:

  • Applicant is entered in the register of enterprises ineligible for public contracts;
  • Applicant has not fulfilled its obligations after duly receiving a formal notice related to the granting of previous financial assistance by the Ministère during the two years prior to the application for financial assistance.



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