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National presentation of awards

The Ensemble contre l’intimidation (Together Against Bullying) Awards ceremony takes place in the Parliament Building in Québec City.

A trophy symbolizing the theme Ensemble contre l’intimidation (Together Against Bullying) is presented to the person, organization, school, school service centre or school board that has achieved distinction for the nature and quality of its interventions in preventing or countering bullying.


Trophy symbolizing the theme Ensemble contre l’intimidation (Together Against Bullying) .

Made of hammered bronze, three silhouettes are mounted on a warm-coloured wooden base. Their feet are enlaced with two bronze ribbons that symbolize their relationships. The statue thus evokes three individuals interacting in the phenomenon of bullying: the target, the perpetrator and the person who can provide assistance, either a witness, stakeholder or close relation. The three silhouettes also portray the three focal points on which the fight against bullying is based: prevention, intervention and support. Since involvement in this fight occurs both in living environments and in cyberspace, the two ribbons represent these two environments.

Creation: Jacques Leclerc, graphic designer

Production: Martin Pontbriand, jeweller and goldsmith

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June 28, 2021