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Examples of situations that do not involve bullying

  • A dispute between friends.
  • One person insults another, but the targeted person responds and the situation immediately settles down. The situation also does not involve bullying if the targeted person decides not to accept this behaviour and to terminate the friendship or fellowship.
  • Teasing that everyone enjoys, including the person being teased.
  • A motorist expresses impatience by honking at a traffic light.

Examples of behaviours that do not constitute bullying, although they are unacceptable

  • A landlord refuses to rent a dwelling to a person from an ethnocultural minority. This is discrimination, rather than bullying.
  • An employer reserves promotions in his company for men. This is sexism, rather than bullying. 
  • A participant at a family party spends the evening making derogatory jokes and comments about immigrants. This is racism, rather than bullying.
  • A manager refuses to hire a handicaped person, because she believes this person will not be productive or will not be able to integrate into the team. This is discrimination, rather than bullying.
  • A man insists on having access to his elderly mother's bank debit card, on the pretext he has to run errands for her. In fact, he is taking advantage of it to pay some of his own bills. This situation limits his mother's financial capacity and she therefore has difficulty meeting her own needs. This is elder abuse, rather than bullying.
  • A coach asks a swimmer on his team to undress in front of him so he can evaluate her physical condition. This is sexual assault, rather than bullying.
  • A man hit his wife because he is dissatisfied with her conduct. This is conjugal and domestic violence, rather than bullying.
  • A dispute between two young adults in a bar turns into a fight. This is assault, rather than bullying.

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