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Leading a healthy life in one's community

Aging and Living Together

Direction 2

Seniors require a wide variety of services ranging from prevention to curative care and from home support to alternatives to institutional accommodation and, ultimately, long-term accommodation and care. Active collaboration among all public, institutional, community and private stakeholders is the way to achieve a balance that meets the needs of the elderly.

Promoting health first means creating environments favourable to health and providing services that encourage the adoption or maintenance of healthy lifestyles, both by autonomous individuals and those who are losing their autonomy.

The accelerated pace of population aging requires an increase in the number of services, diversification of responses and adaptation of interventions. This context requires that wise choices be made to distribute efforts among the various intervention modes and the resources to invest in them. To meet the aspirations of seniors, it is also necessary to make home support the key component of the organization of services.

Strategic choices to enable seniors to lead a healthy life in their community

  • Promote the health of seniors, prevent them from losing autonomy and improve their quality of life
  • Increase service supply and access and improve stakeholder collaboration so as to better support seniors and their loved ones at home and in the community
  • Adapt practices, services and intervention strategies to the needs of seniors

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September 6, 2017