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Key partners

With the arrival of the Gazelle et Potiron framework, the Ministère de la Famille is showing that it cares about defining the most promising orientations for Québec's educational childcare services network and about ensuring that childcare services will have the support needed to implement these orientations. Acting early is definitely a concern shared by several partners, including Québec en Forme.

In this respect, an agreement between the Ministère and Québec en Forme stipulates that the latter will support promoters who wish to work with 0-5-year olds to ensure their projects are developed in accordance with the framework orientations and practices to be prioritized.

For quite some time now, Québec en Forme has been supporting various provincial projects dealing with healthy diet, active play and the development of motor skills in young children. Here are just a few of these projects:

In addition to these initiatives, there are those of various national, regional and local partners who are concerned with health and childhood development, and whose actions also contribute to the implementation of conditions promoting healthy lifestyle habits. Therefore, over the past few years, the training and knowledge transfer activities intended for the educational childcare services network have been offered by a variety of partners. Furthermore, various players have developed practical tools providing educational childcare services with ideas to promote the development of motor skills in children or to offer them a balanced menu. Other partners will no doubt be joining them in the coming years!

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Last modified date :
December 16, 2016